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Publications of : C.D.L. Hamawaki
Plant Genetics   Research Article

Behavior of soybean genotypes in three locations in the Triângulo Mineiro

Soy is an important legume for global economy. The objectives of this study were evaluated soybean genotypes in different growing environments as for their agronomic characters and resistance to leaf spots, and determine the adaptability and phenotypic stability of materials in relation to the place of cultivation. Experiments were conducted in the cities of São Gotardo, Uberaba and Uber.. Read More»

Genet. Mol. Res. 18(3):

Plant Genetics   Research Article

Selecting soybean resistant to the cyst nematode Heterodera glycines using simple sequence repeat (microssatellite) markers

    S.M.C.G. Espindola O.T. Hamawaki A.P. Oliveira C.D.L. Hamawaki R.L. Hamawaki L.M. Takahashi

The soybean cyst nematode (SCN) is a major cause of soybean yield reduction. The objective of this study was to evaluate the efficiency of marker-assisted selection to identify genotypes resistant to SCN race 3 infection, using Sat_168 and Sat-141 resistance quantitative trait loci. The experiment was carried out under greenhouse conditions, using soybean populations originated from crosses bet.. Read More»

Genet. Mol. Res. 15(1): gmr.15016850

DOI: 10.4238/gmr.15016850

Plant Genetics   Research Article

Analysis of the genetic divergence of soybean lines through hierarchical and Tocher optimization methods

    D.A.V. Cantelli, O.T. Hamawaki, M.R. Rocha, A.P.O. Nogueira, R.L. Hamawaki, L.B. Sousa, C.D.L. Hamawaki

This study aimed to evaluate the clustering pattern consistency of soybean (Glycine max) lines, using seven different clustering methods. Our aim was to evaluate the best method for the identification of promising genotypes to obtain segregating populations. We used 51 generations F5 and F6 soybean lines originating from different hybridizations and backcrosses obta.. Read More»

Genet. Mol. Res. 15(4): gmr.15048836

DOI: 10.4238/gmr.15048836

Plant Genetics   Research Article

Phenotypic and genotypic correlations between soybean agronomic traits and path analysis

The goals of this research were to evaluate the phenotypic and genotypic correlations between agronomic traits, to perform path analysis, having as main character grain yield, and to identify indirect selection criteria for grain yield. The experiment was carried out in an experimental area located at Capim Branco farm, which belongs to Federal University of Uberl&a.. Read More»

Genet. Mol. Res. 16(2): gmr16029696

DOI: 10.4238/gmr16029696

Plant Genetics   Research Article

Genotype x environment interaction and stability of soybean cultivars for vegetative-stage characters

In order to obtain the certificate of cultivar protection, it is necessary to prove its distinctiveness, homogeneity, and stability. Currently, there are 37 descriptors for differentiating soybeans cultivars. However, they are still not enough and, as a result, it is necessary to create, identify, and evaluate new descriptors. This study was aimed at evaluating the .. Read More»

Genet. Mol. Res. 16(3): gmr16039795

DOI: 10.4238/gmr16039795

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