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Publications of : Tariq Mahmood

Genet. Mol. Res. ():

Plant Genetics   Research Article

Genetic studies for yield and related traits in micro and macrosperma exotic lentil genotypes

With respect to seed size lentil (Lens culinaris Medikus) species usually are distributed into two main groups namely Microsperma (<2.5 g/100-seeds) with small rounded seeds and Macrosperma (>2.5 g/100-seeds) with larger and more flattened seeds. The seeds/pod and pods/plant will decrease as the seed size increases that adversely affect the seed yield. The basic aim of this study.. Read More»

Genet. Mol. Res. 19(1):

Plant Genetics   Review Article

Fusarium wilt’s pathogenic studies and disease management: A review

Fusarium wilt caused by Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. ciceris is one of the most important fungal diseases of chickpea limiting its productivity in almost all chickpea growing countries across the world. F. oxysporum is soil borne and root inhabiting in nature which may survives in soil for longer period (up to six years). Pathogen undergoes asexual reproduction by producing three.. Read More»

Genet. Mol. Res. 19(1):

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