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Genetic studies for yield and related traits in micro and macrosperma exotic lentil genotypes

Author(s): Ch. Muhammad Rafiq, Sadia Kaukab, Aqsa Tahir, Masood Qadir, Busharat Hussain, Shakeel Ahmad Anwar, Muhammad Tariq Mahmood, Ali Aziz, Amir Hameed and Khalid Mehmood Mughal

With respect to seed size lentil (Lens culinaris Medikus) species usually are distributed into two main groups namely Microsperma (<2.5 g/100-seeds) with small rounded seeds and Macrosperma (>2.5 g/100-seeds) with larger and more flattened seeds. The seeds/pod and pods/plant will decrease as the seed size increases that adversely affect the seed yield. The basic aim of this study was to evolve cultivars having large seed size and high yield potential, by evaluating the genotypes received from ICARDA and to compare them with our local recommended check variety Pb.M-2009. A set of 36 large and small seeded exotic genotypes were studied. Sufficient variability was present in the germplasm. Seed yield and 100 seed weight had high heritability along with high genetic advance and pods/plant and branches/plant with moderate heritability. Plant height and pods/plant showed highly positive and significant association, whereas first pod height and 100 seed weight showed highly negative and significant correlation with seed yield. Seed yield is maximum directly affected by Pods/plant and secondly branches/plant is affected. Yield is negatively but directly affected by first pod height, 100 seed weight and plant height. Pods/plant, 100 seed weight and seed yield were recognized as vital yield contributors, therefore selection should be concentrated on these parameters to improve yield in large seeded lentil.