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High molecular weight glutenin subunits and the classification used in Brazilian wheat industry

Author(s): P.I. Chapla, E.S.N. Vieira, F.A. Franco, G.A. Linde, G.J. Silva, N.B. Colauto, V.S. Marchioro and I. Schuster

Industrial wheat quality flour is related to gluten amount in grain. This study aimed to evaluate the relationship between high molecular weight (HMW) glutenins obtained by SDS-PAGE and gluten strength (W) obtained by the alveograph test and cropping environmental effect on wheat flour quality for Brazilian industry. Fifty-one cultivars/breeding lines were evaluated in three environments. The W value and HMW glutenin score were evaluated by SDS-PAGE. The environment effects on wheat flour were also evaluated. There was a relationship between the W value used in wheat flour industrial classification and score 10 of HMW glutenins, but there was no relation with scores 9 or lower. Cultivars/breeding lines with score 10 of HMW glutenin are less susceptible to environmental effects and produce breeding type wheat flour (W value ≥300) of interest for industry. The cultivars/breeding lines with score 10 for HMW glutenins is the main choice for a wheat breeding program.