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Epidemiological and pathological studies on the helminthic parasites in native chickens of Tabriz city, Iran

Author(s): Garedaghi yagoob, Arash Khaki, Sayed Haidar Abbas Raza,Rajwali Khan, Li Hao, Seyed Mahdi Hosseini, Sherein S. Abdelgayed and Mohib Ullah Kakar

A study of intestinal helminthic parasites of domestic chickens was carried out in Tabriz city, Iran during 2016. One hundred (100) gastrointestinal samples were examined in necropsied chickens microscopically using the lactophenol and carmine-acid staining technique. The result showed a high prevalence of intestinal parasitic infection. Out of 100 domestic chicken, 37 (37%) were infected by the parasite. Nematodes had the highest prevalence 25 (68%), followed by the cestodes with the prevalence of 12 (32%) in the parasitic infested birds. Nematodes especially Ascaridi agalli 9 (16 %) and Heterakis galinarum 16 (64 %) were most prevalent in the nematode infested birds. Raillietina tetragona 12 (100%) was found to be the highest in occurrence among the cestodes infested birds. No trematode was encountered among the infested birds. The average parasite burden per chicken was found to be 5.7 and majority of the species were restricted to the small and large intestine. 14 (38 %) cases of mixed infections were encountered out of the infested poultry. The study reveals that there was a high prevalence of intestinal parasites of domestic chicken in the study area. This calls for improved management and disease control to enhance their potential.