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Association between single-nucleotide polymorphisms and milk production traits in buffalo

Author(s): G.C. Venturini1, D.F. Cardoso1, F. Baldi1, A.C. Freitas1, R.R. Aspilcueta-Borquis1, D.J.A. Santos1, G.M.F. Camargo1, N.B. Stafuzza2, L.G. Albuquerque1 and H. Tonhati1

The aim of this study was to identify single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in buffaloes associated with milk yield and content, in addition to somatic cell scores based on the cross-species transferability of SNPs from cattle to buffalo. A total of 15,745 SNPs were analyzed, of which 1562 showed 1% significance and 4742 with 5% significance, which were associated for all traits studied. After application of Bonferroni’s correction for multiple tests of the traits analyzed, we found 2 significant SNPs placed on cattle chromosomes BTA15 and BTA20, which are homologous to buffalo chromosomes BBU16 and BBU19, respectively. In this genome association study, we found several significant SNPs affecting buffalo milk production and quality.