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Publications of : Prasanna Latha Komaravalli
Human Genetics   Research Article

Relation between MTHFR (Methylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase) gene functional polymorphisms and magnitude of Recurrent Pregnancy Losses (RPL) among women with low socio-economic status in Asian Indians

The present study was intended to investigate the role of MTHFR gene functional polymorphisms, rs1801133 (C677T) and rs1801131 (A1298C) in the susceptibility and severity of Recurrent Pregnancy Losses (RPLs) in women with low socio-economic status among Asian Indians. We screened a total of 221 women that includes 102 RPL patients and 119 healthy controls. Following DNA isolat.. Read More»

Genet. Mol. Res. 18(3):

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