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Research Article

Stability Investigation and Genotype × Environment Association in Chickpea Genotypes Utilizing AMMI And GGE Biplot Model

Accepted: November 30, -0001
Published: November 30, -0001
Genet.Mol.Res. 19(3):


Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) is generally grown-up underneath rainfed conditions inside the Barind space in Bangladesh, any place drought spell is that the principle production constraint. Genotype × Environment Interaction (GEI) was acclimated with making estimation of the grain yield and to get a handle on the G × E connection designs by analyzing the differential positioning of choice yields in multi-condition trials. Twelve chickpea genotypes were conveyed in a randomized block design with three replications in six conditions. The solidness of the evaluated genotypes utilizing three kinds of factual thoughts (variance and regression analyses), AMMI investigation and GGE biplot models were applied to get a reasonable comprehension of the connection and covering among the pre-owned soundness insights. The partition of the full aggregate of squares demonstrated that the mood result was a genuine gracefully of variation (64.84%) trailed by GE relations (24.88%) and germplasm result (10.29%). The genotype by environment collaboration biplot clear that genotype G4 is that the perfect genotype, though genotypes G6 and G8 were closest to the best genotype (the focal point of concentric circles); in this way, these genotypes square measure extra intriguing and perfect genotypes than various tested genotypes.

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