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Update of microbial genome programs for bacteria and archaea

Author(s): Patricia Borges Santos Celestino, Lydston Rodrigues de Carvalho,Leandro Martins de Freitas, Fernanda Alves Dorella, Natalia Florêncio Martins, Luiz Gustavo Carvalho Pacheco, Anderson Miyoshi and Vasco Azevedo

Since the Haemophilus influenzae genome sequence was completed in 1995, 172 other prokaryotic genomes have been completely sequenced, while 508 projects are underway. Besides pathogens, organisms important in several other fields, such as biotechnology and bioremediation, have also been sequenced. Institutions choose the organisms they wish to sequence according to the importance that these species represent to them, the availability of the microbes, and based on the similarity of a species of interest with others that have been sequenced previously. Improvements in sequencing techniques and in associated methodologies have been achieved; however, scientists need to continue working on the development of this field. In Brazil, a multicentered, centrally coordinated and research-focused network was adopted and successfully used for the sequencing of several important organisms. We analyzed the current status of microbial genomes, the trends for criteria used to choose new sequencing projects, the future of microbial sequencing, and the Brazilian genome network.

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