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The effect of acetate Ringer's solution on inflammatory factors and NF-κB signal pathway in the liver of hemorrhagic shock rats

Author(s): Z. P. Xu,Q. Song,Z. L. Qiu,L. Li,Z. H. Du and Z. J. Wang

Purpose: To investigate the effect of resuscitation with acetated Ringer's solution during hemorrhagic shock (HS) on inflammatory factors and nuclear factor κB (NF-κB) signaling pathway in liver tissue. Methods: In this study, a rat HS model was established. HS rats received acetated Ringer's solution, lactated Ringer's solution and saline for fluid resuscitation. Inflammatory factors (TNF-α, IL-4 and IL-10) for the evaluation of three kinds of resuscitation mfluid anti-inflammatory effect. Expression of proteins in NF-κB pathway was evaluated to elucidate the mechanism of acetated Ringer's solution in preventing HS-induced liver injury. Results: Although HS upregulated inflammatory response in liver tissue, acetated Ringer's solution t-treatment can inhibit the inflammation and improve liver injury. We also found that acetated ringer’s solution treatment attenuated HS-induced liver injury in NF-κB pathway. Conclusion: Acetated Ringer's solution may improve HS-induced liver injury. The mechanism of its action may be by inhibiting the NF-κB pathway.