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The correlation analysis of polymorphisms of Prion-Related Doppel (PRND) with prion (PRNP) alleles in Gansu Alpine Merino sheep

Author(s): Yuan-zi Liu, Chun-lin Zhao, Yu-Ze Yang, Run Wu, Chuan Wang, Xue-Rui Wan1, Yan Wang

The interaction between the ovine prion protein gene (PRNP) and Doppel (PRND) gene polymorphisms is essential for understanding the role of prion proteins in scrapie. In this study, the blood genomic DNA samples of 111 Gansu Alpine Merino sheep were used to define the PRNP alleles and the haplotypes of PRND by PCR-SSCP (single-strand conformation polymorphism) and PCR. The results shown that the frequency of PRNP genotype ARQ/ARQ and ARR/ARR has a certain advantage, especially the ARQ/ARQ (46%). In addition, PRND 26 haplotypes and 29 polymorphisms sites were firstly defined, and the dominant polymorphic sites are at codons 28, 51 and 158. The frequency of the haplotype GTC of PRND is 98%, the ARQ/ARQ has great advantage in the PRNP genotype. These results may be helpful in future studies of the relationship between PRND with PRNP in prion diseases