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Sos recruitment system for the analysis of the interaction between sulfatase-modifying factor 2 subtypes and interleukin-13

Author(s): W.Y. Zhang1*, H.Y. Liang1,2*, C. Yang1, L. Xue1 and X.F. Jiang1,2

(IL)-13 is a central mediator in allergic asthma. Our previous results have indicated that sulfatase-modifying factor 2 (SUMF2) interacts with IL-13 and inhibits its secretion. In this study, we investigated the interactions between SUMF2 subtypes and 2 types of IL-13. Wild type IL-13 (wh-IL-13) and its mutated counterpart (mh-IL-13) were analyzed and cloned into pSos yeast expression vectors. Protein was expressed in host cdc25H yeast strains. A quartet of agar growth plates was prepared for the yeast two-hybrid system, which was used to detect IL-13 and SUMF2 subtype interactions. Both yeast expression vectors, pSos/whIL-13 and pSos/whIL-13, and recombinant expression vectors for the 5 subtypes of SUMF2 (pMyr/SUMF2-Vx) were constructed. Our data showed that all of the SUMF2 subtypes bound to whIL-13 and mhIL-13 in the CytoTrap system. Five SUMF2 subtypes - SUMF2-V2, SUMF2-V3,SUMF2-V4, SUMF2-V5, and SUMF2-V7 - interacted with whIL-13 and mhIL-13. These subtypes may contribute to allergic asthma by mediating IL-13 release.