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Selection of Jatropha full-sib families based on genotypic adaptability and stability via mixed models

Author(s): E.V. Rodrigues, P.E. Teodoro, L.A. Peixoto, L.A. Silva, B.G. Laviola and L.L. Bhering

The objectives of this study were to estimate the genetic parameters for Jatropha full-sib families and to select superior genotypes based on grain yield, adaptability, and stability simultaneously to be used for cloning and crossings. Grain yield was evaluated in thirteen full-sib families in a randomized block design for 5 years. The harmonic mean of the relative performance of genotypic values and reaction norm were performed to estimate the adaptability and stability, and sequentially the 30 superior individual plants were selected based on the predicted additive genotypic value for the last crop season. Families 4, 8, and 9 may be used to several regions of Brazil since they have high genotypic adaptability and stability. Individuals belonging to families 9, 8, 2, 1, 6, and 5 should be used for cloning or crossing to obtain the next-generation individuals, and consequently to continue the Jatropha breeding.