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S100A4 expression and prognosis of gastric cancer: a meta-analysis

Author(s): Y. Wang1*, L.-B. Zhou1* and X.-H. Li2

The prognostic role of S100A4 in gastric cancer is still under debate. The present meta-analysis aimed to evaluate the relationship between S10A4 levels and the prognosis of gastric cancer. We performed a meta-analysis of published studies assessing the relationship between S100A4 and gastric cancer prognosis. We used the Revman 5.0 software to perform literature retrieval, article selection, data collection, and statistical analysis. A fixed-effect model was used to pool the hazard ratio (HR) and 95% confidence intervals (95%CI). A total of 7 eligible studies that included 1257 gastric cancer patients were analyzed. We did not find a prognostic value for S100A4 in gastric cancer (HR = 1.48, 95%CI = 0.77 to 2.82, P = 0.24). In conclusion, the present study indicated that S100A4 expression level is not a prognostic factor for gastric cancer.