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Reduced genetic diversity in endemic Brazilian Lymania spp (Bromeliaceae) populations and implications for conservation

Author(s): V.C.C. Pamponét1, T.F. Alves2, R.A. Martinez3, R.X. Corrêa1,2 and F.A. Gaiotto1,2

We analyzed the genetic diversity of populations of two sympatric species of Lymania (Bromeliaceae), both endemic to the Atlantic rainforest of southern Bahia (Brazil). Lymania azurea has a restricted occurrence, while Lymania smithii has a wider distribution. Our aim was to provide genetic data to contribute to the design of more efficient conservation strategies for these bromeliads, possibly justifying inclusion in the official Brazilian list of Endangered Species. Up to now, L. azurea has been classified by the Brazilian Ministry of the Environment as “data deficient”.