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Polymorphisms of PRLR and FOLR1 genes and association with milk production traits in goats

Author(s): J.X. Hou, F. Fang, X.P. An, Y. Yan, T. Ma , P. Han , F.X. Meng , Y.X. Song , J.G. Wang and B.Y. Cao

We investigated the polymorphisms of PRLR and FOLR1 genes in Xinong Saanen, Guanzhong, and Boer goat breeds by DNA sequencing and PCR–RFLP. Two novel SNPs were identified: KC109741: g.62130C>T in the 3ꞌ-UTR of goat gene PRLR, and KC136296: g.7884A>C in exon 3 of goat gene FOLR1. In the three goat breeds, the polymorphism information content was 0.20-0.27 at the g.62130C>T locus. At the g.7884A>C locus, it was 0.36 in Boer goats. The three goat breeds were in Hardy-Weinberg disequilibrium at the g.62130C>T locus. The g.62130C>T SNP was found to be significantly associated with milk production traits in Xinong Saanen and Guanzhong breeds. These results are consistent with the regulatory function of PRLR in mammary gland development, milk secretion, and expression of milk protein genes; they extend the spectrum of genetic variation of the goat PRLR gene, which could be useful for breeding programs.