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Plasma resistin, associated with single nucleotide polymorphism -420, is correlated with C-reactive protein in Chinese Han patients with spontaneous basal ganglia hemorrhage

Author(s): X.-Q. Dong, Q. Du, W.-H. Yu, Z.-Y. Zhang, Q. Zhu, Z.-H. Che, H. Wang, J. Chen, S.-B. Yang and J.-F. Wen

We examined a possible relationship -420C>G SNP of the resistin gene with plasma resistin and C-reactive protein concentrations in intracerebral hemorrhage. Three hundred and forty-four Chinese Han patients with intracerebral hemorrhage and 344 age- and gender-matched healthy controls were included in our study. Plasma resistin and C-reactive concentrations were measured and SNP -420C>G was genotyped. The genotype frequencies in controls and patients were not significantly different (P = 0.672). Plasma resistin and C-reactive protein levels were significantly different between the SNP -420C>G genotypes, even after adjustment for age, gender and body mass index. The common homozygote (C-C) had the lowest resistin and C-reactive protein plasma concentrations; the plasma resistin and C-reactive protein concentrations in the heterozygote (C-G) and the rare allele homozygote (G-G) did not differ significantly. Plasma resistin levels were significantly associated with plasma C-reactive protein level. We conclude that SNP -420C>G of the resistin gene could be involved in the inflammatory component of intracerebral hemorrhage through enhanced production of resistin.