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Performance of grain sorghum hybrids under drought stress using GGE biplot analyses

Author(s): P.S.C. Batista, C.B. Menezes, A.J. Carvalho, A.F. Portugal, E.A. Bastos, M.J. Cardoso, C.V. Santos and M.P.M. Julio Centro de

The objective of this study was to estimate the adaptability and stability of grain sorghum hybrids grown under post-flowering water stress and non-stress conditions. The trials were carried out in Nova Porteirinha-MG during the season of 2014 and 2015, and in Teresina-PI in the 2014 season. Twenty-nine-grain sorghum hybrids were evaluated, in a randomized complete block design, with three replications. Plots consisted of four lines with 3 m long. The grain yield data were submitted to the individual variance analysis, having considered the effects of the hybrids as fixed and the other effects as random. The joint analysis was carried out, and when the interaction genotypes x environments was significant, the grain yield data were submitted to the adaptability and stability analysis by the GGE biplot method. A substantial reduction in the grain yield in environments with water stress was found. The highest yielding hybrids under water stress conditions in Nova Porteirinha-MG were 50A50, AG1080, AG1090, DKB550, DKB590, Jade, and BM737, and the highest yielding hybrids under the water stress in Teresina-PI were 1G282, 1G244, and A9721R. Considering all environments, the highest yielding hybrids were 1G282, DKB540, A9721R, 1G100, and AG1090.