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Oxidative stress in Lactococcus lactis

Author(s): Anderson Miyoshi, Tatiana Rochat, Jean-Jacques Gratadoux, Yves Le Loir, Sergio Costa Oliveira, Philippe Langella Vasco Azevedo

Lactococcus lactis, the most extensively characterized lactic acid bacterium, is a mesophilic- and microaerophilic-fermenting microorganism widely used for the production of fermented food products. During industrial processes, L. lactis is often exposed to multiple environmental stresses (low and high temperature, low pH, high osmotic pressure, nutrient starvation and oxidation) that can cause loss or reduction of bacterial viability, reproducibility, as well as organoleptic and/or fermentative qualities. Among these stress factors, oxidation can be considered one of the most deleterious to the cell, causing cellular damage at both molecular and metabolic levels. During the last two decades, considerable efforts have been made to improve our knowledge of oxidative stress in L. lactis. Many genes involved with both oxidative stress resistance and control mechanisms have been identified; functionally they seem to overlap. The finding of new genes, and a better understanding of the molecular mechanisms of stress resistance in L. lactis and other lactic acid baterium, will lead to the construction and isolation of stress-resistant strains. Such strains could be exploited for both traditional and probiotic uses.

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