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Optimum conditions for inducing laccase production in Lentinus crinitus

Author(s): J.S. Valle1,2, L.P.S. Vandenberghe2, T.T. Santana1, P.H. Almeida1, A.M. Pereira1, G.A. Linde1, N.B. Colauto1 and C.R. Soccol2

Laccases are environmentally friendly alternatives in many important applications such as in bioremediation, biopulping, textile, and the food industry. They have wide substrate specificity, can oxidize a broad range of compounds, and show potential for use in various industrial processes. Therefore, developing methods to increase laccase production is important. In the current study, we aimed to identify optimum conditions for inducing laccase production in the basidiomycete Lentinus crinitus cultivated under varying nitrogen concentrations and in the presence of potential inducers of laccase production, including copper and phenolic compounds. Peak enzymatic activity (11,977 U/L) occurred at higher nitrogen concentrations (2.8 g/L nitrogen). Regardless of the nitrogen concentration, addition of copper increased the laccase activity and decreased mycelial growth, with maximum laccase activity