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New insights into the prolactin-RsaI (PRL-RsaI) locus in Chinese Holstein cows and its effect on milk performance traits

Author(s): C.H. Dong1, X.M. Song2, L. Zhang2, J.F. Jiang2, J.P. Zhou1 and Y.Q. Jiang2

Prolactin (PRL) plays central roles in mammals’ reproduction, gland development, milk secretion, and the expression of milk protein genes. In dairy cattle, the PRL gene is a potential quantitative trait locus and genetic marker related to milk performance traits. Here, a total of 586 randomly selected Chinese Holstein cows were genotyped for locus PRL-RsaI. One haplotype block containing eight SNPs was identified in the region from intron 3 to intron 4 of the PRL gene in Chinese Holstein cows.