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Morphological and molecular characterization of Fusarium spp pathogenic to pecan tree in Brazil

Author(s): M. Lazarotto1, P.M. Milanesi2, M.F.B. Muniz2, L.R.S. Reiniger3, R. Beltrame4, R. Harakava5 and E. Blume2

The occurrence of Fusarium spp associated with pecan tree (Carya illinoinensis) diseases in Brazil has been observed in recent laboratory analyses in Rio Grande do Sul State. Thus, in this study, we i) obtained Fusarium isolates from plants with disease symptoms; ii) tested the pathogenicity of these Fusarium isolates to pecan; iii) characterized and grouped Fusarium isolates that were pathogenic to the pecan tree based on morphological characteristics; iv) identified Fusarium spp to the species complex level through TEF-1α sequencing; and v) compared the identification methods used in the study.