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Molecular cloning and characterization of KISS1 promoter and effect of KISS1 gene mutations on litter size in the goat

Author(s): X.P. An, P. Han, J.X. Hou, H.B. Zhao, Y. Yan, T. Ma, F. Fang, F.X. Meng, Y.X. Song, J.G. Wang and B.Y. Cao

Kisspeptins, the product of the KISS1 gene, play an essential role in the regulation of reproductive functions, acting primarily at the hypothalamic level of the gonadotropic axis. We detected polymorphisms of the goat KISS1 gene in 723 individuals from three goat breeds (Xinong Saanen, Guanzhong, and Boer) by DNA pooling, PCR-RFLP, and DNA sequencing methods. We cloned the promoter sequence of this gene and found it to share high similarity with that of the bovine KISS1 promoter. Six TATA boxes were found in the goat KISS1 promoter region. Two novel SNPs (g.2124T>A and g.2270C>T) were identified in the intron 1 of the KISS1 gene of all three goat breeds. The three goat breeds were in Hardy-Weinberg disequilibrium at g.2124T>A and g.2270C>T loci. The g.2124T>A and g.2270C>T loci were closely linked in the three goat breeds (r2 > 0.33). The g.2124T>A and g.2270C>T SNPs were significantly associated with litter size, and the C1 female goats had a larger litter size than did those with the other genotypes. These results extend the spectrum of genetic variation of the goat KISS1 gene, which contributes to our knowledge of goat genetic resources for breeding programs.