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Molecular characterization, chromosome mapping, and expression profile of porcine CDC16

Author(s): D. Xu, J. Jiang and H. Ma

Cell division cycle16 (CDC16) is a core component among the eight protein subunits of the anaphase-promoting complex (APC). APC is a cyclin degradation system that governs the exit of cells from mitosis. Not much information is available for CDC16 in pig. In this study, a 2284-bp cDNA of porcine CDC16 was obtained by rapid amplification of cDNA ends (RACE). Porcine CDC16 was assigned to SSC11 q11-17, and was determined to be significantly linked with SW1452 by using somatic cell hybrid panel and radiation hybrid panel. One novel A/G SNP anchored in intron 7 of the gene was genotyped by restriction enzyme polymerase chain reaction (PCR)-restriction fragment length polymorphism-Csp6I. In five pig breeds, Shaziling, Taoyuan, Duroc, Landrace, and Yorkshire, the A allele frequency was dominant. Quantitative PCR revealed that porcine CDC16 was expressed in ten selected tissues of 25-day-old Shaziling and Yorkshire piglets, and that the mRNA expression of CDC16 in longissimus dorsi muscle of Shaziling was higher than that of Yorkshire. Expression levels of CDC16 were highest in longissimus dorsi muscle followed by that in pancreas. CDC16 protein was detected in longissimus dorsi muscle of 25-day-old Shaziling and Yorkshire piglets by immunohistochemistry with abundant protein expression index (P > 0.05). This study provides an insight into the role of porcine CDC16 in the formation of meat.