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Molecular characteristics and cloning of two pepper genes AN2 and UPA20

Author(s): H.X. Chen, H. Jiang, J.L. Huo, J.F. Wen, H.S. Zhu, C.H. Ma, H. Zhou, J.H. Lv and M.H. Deng

The complete coding sequences (CDSs) of “Yunnan Purple Pepper No.1” (Capsicum annuum L.) AN2 and UPA20 genes were amplified using the reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction on the basis of the conserved sequence information of some Solanaceae plants and known highly homologous pepper expressed sequence tags. The nucleotide sequence analysis of these 2 genes revealed that pepper AN2 gene encoded a protein of 263 amino acids that has high homology with the AN2-like protein of 4 species: tobacco, tomato, potato, and petunia. The UPA20 gene encoded a protein of 341 amino acids that has high homology with the proteins of 3 species: tobacco, petunia, and tomato. The tissue expression analysis indicated that the pepper AN2 gene was overexpressed in the pericarp and placenta; moderately in stems, flowers, and seeds; and weakly in the roots, leaves, and pericarp. The pepper UPA20 gene was overexpressed in the flowers and seeds; moderately expressed in the roots and stems; and weakly expressed in the leaves and placenta. Our findings might form the basis for further research on these 2 pepper genes.