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Mitochondrial DNA lineages of Italian Giara and Sarcidano horses

Author(s): L. Morelli1†, A. Useli1, D. Sanna1, M. Barbato1,2, D. Contu3, M. Pala4,5, M. Cancedda6 and P. Francalacci1

Giara and Sarcidano are 2 of the 15 extant native Italian horse breeds with limited dispersal capability that originated from a larger number of individuals. The 2 breeds live in two distinct isolated locations on the island of Sardinia. To determine the genetic structure and evolutionary history of these 2 Sardinian breeds, the first hypervariable segment of the mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) was sequenced and analyzed in 40 Giara and Sarcidano horses and compared with publicly available mtDNA data from 43 Old World breeds