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miR-367 promotes uveal melanoma cell proliferation and migration by regulating PTEN

Author(s): J.W. Ling, P.R. Lu, Y.B. Zhang, S. Jiang and Z.C. Zhang

We aimed to investigate the biological role of miR-367 in uveal melanoma cell growth and migration, and the underlying mechanism responsible. Quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction was performed to evaluate miR-367 expression in uveal melanoma tissue samples and cell lines. A miR-367 mimic, miR-367 inhibitor, and negative control oligonucleotide were transfected into these cells to investigate the function of this microRNA. In addition, the role of PTEN in miR-367-mediated uveal melanoma cell growth and migration was evaluated. miR-367 was significantly upregulated in uveal melanoma cells and tissue samples (both P < 0.01). Its inhibition suppressed the proliferation, cell cycle transition, and migration of such cells, and increased levels had the opposite effect. PTEN was confirmed to be a target gene of miR-367. More importantly, co-transfection with a PTEN construct lacking the 3'-untranslated region mitigated miR-367 mimic-induced promotion of uveal melanoma cell proliferation and migration. In summary, miR-367 was found to be upregulated in this malignancy, and may promote uveal melanoma cell proliferation and migration, at least in part by regulating PTEN.