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MicroRNA network analysis identifies key microRNAs and genes associated with precancerous lesions of gastric cancer

Author(s): X.W. Wang1, Y. Wu2, D. Wang1 and Z.F. Qin

To identify potential targets for the early treatment and prevention of gastric cancer, microRNA (miRNA) expression profiles of precancerous lesions of gastric cancer were investigated. The miRNA microarray dataset GSE24839 was downloaded from Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO) and included 10 Helicobacter pylori-related gastritis samples and 10 gastric intestinal metaplasia samples. Differentially expressed miRNAs (DEMs) were screened using the Student t-test; P < 0.05 was considered to be statistically significant. Co-expression networks of total miRNAs and DEMs were constructed based on the Pearson correlation coefficient for the two diseases. Target genes of the DEMs were retrieved using miRecords and pathway-enrichment analysis was performed using a hypergeometric test. A total of 20 DEMs were obtained for H. pylori-related gastritis and gastric intestinal metaplasia samples, including 12 up-regulated and 8 down-regulated miRNAs.