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Male infertility in Northeast China: molecular detection of Y chromosome microdeletions in azoospermic patients with Klinefelter’s syndrome

Author(s): H.-G. Zhang, Z.-B. Zhang, R.-X. Wang, Y. Yu, X.-W. Yu, E. Fadlalla and R.-Z. Liu

The prevalence of microdeletions of azoospermia factor (AZF) among azoospermic Klinefelter’s syndrome (KFS) patients shows conflicting data. We aimed to detect this frequency in a Northeast Chinese population, and to investigate the possible association between AZF microdeletions and KFS by comparison with previous conflicting reports. Eighty men affected with KFS and a random healthy control group comprising 60 fertile men and women were recruited. AZF microdeletions were detected by multiplex polymerase chain reaction using 9 specific sequence-tagged sites.