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Long non-coding RNA-protein interaction: the preliminary step to track their biological functions

Author(s): Amr. R. Ghanam, Wafa Ali, Mohnad Abdalla

RNA is not only an intermediate for the flow of genetic information between DNA and protein. The transcription of the entire genomes generates a myriad non-protein coding RNA in addition to protein coding genes. Among these transcripts, lncRNA which is the least well understood and they cannot be considered as merely transcriptional noises. Here, we review the emerging role of lncRNA interactions with binding proteins (RBP) to perform multidirectional functions in transcription and epigenetic gene regulations, control of mRNA splicing, translation and post translational modifications. In addition, lncRNAs may acts as cellular thermostat that helps in preserving of cellular homeostasis. Keywords: lncRNAs; RBPs; cellular hemostasis