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Intestinal lactic acid bacteria from Muscovy duck as potential probiotics that alter adhesion factor gene expression

Author(s): Z.L. Xie, D.P. Bai, L.N. Xie, W.N. Zhang, X.H. Huang and Y.F. Huang

The purpose of this study was to assess the suitability of lactic acid bacteria (LABs) isolated from Muscovy duck as a potential probiotic. Isolates were identified by targeted polymerase chain reaction and assessed in vitro for probiotic characteristics such as autoaggregation; surface-charge; hydrophobicity; tolerance to acidic pH, bile salts and protease; and expression of genes involved in Caco-2 cell adhesion. The LAB isolates exhibited strong resistance to high bile concentration and acidic pH, produced lactic acid, and bacteriostatic (P Salmonella enterica, and CM3 + S. enterica (P S. enterica and CM3 + S. enterica groups (P S. enterica than S. enterica group. These results indicate that the natural duck gut microflora is an excellent source for probiotic bacteria and can facilitate the establishment of criteria to select probiotic strains for the prevention of diarrhea.