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Indirect selection of industrial tomato genotypes rich in zingiberene and resistant to Tuta absoluta Meyrick

Author(s): I.P. Lima, J.T.V. Resende, J.R.F. Oliveira, M.V. Faria2, N.C.V. Resende and R.B. Lima Filho

Obtaining tomato cultivars resistant to pests through interspecific crosses between commercial cultivars and wild accessions is an important tool in integrated pest management. The aim of this study was to select tomato genotypes with high zingiberene (ZGB) levels that are resistant to the South American tomato moth (Tuta absoluta Meyrick) and to estimate genetic parameters of ZGB inheritance from the interspecific cross Solanum lycopersicum cultivar ‘Redenção’ x Solanum habrochaites var. hirsutum (PI-127826 accession). F2 plants with different ZGB contents were selected and submitted to a tomato moth resistance test. ZGB content exhibits high broad sense heritability, with incomplete dominance of lower ZGB content. Furthermore, the level of ZGB in leaflets was estimated to be controlled by two genes. These results show that high ZGB levels are effective at conferring resistance to the South American tomato moth.