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In-depth pedigree analysis in a large Brazilian Nellore herd

Author(s): F.V. Brito1, M. Sargolzaei2,3, J. Braccini Neto1, J.A. Cobuci1, C.M. Pimentel1, J. Barcellos1 and F.S. Schenkel2

A large herd of Nellore cattle was evaluated using in-depth pedigree analyses. Taking into account the incomplete pedigree due to the use of multiple young sires for mating, the average inbreeding coefficient was calculated as 1.73% for the last generation, which was higher than the regular inbreeding coefficient (0.25%). The effective population size was estimated to be 114, 245, and 101 for the time periods 1995-1999, 1999-2003, and 2003-2007, respectively. Parameters based on the probability of gene origin were used to describe the genetic diversity over time in the herd.