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Identifying differential expression genes and single nucleotide variations using RNA-seq in metastatic melanoma

Author(s): D. Liu1, Z.G. Zhao1, Z.L. Jiao2 and H.J. Li1

Melanoma is a malignant tumor and one of the most frequent metastatic cancers. This study was conducted to identify differential expression genes (DEGs) and single nucleotide variations (SNVs) in metastatic melanoma. We analyzed microarray data of GSE23056 downloaded from the Gene Expression Omnibus, including two normal samples (skinN1 and skinN2) and 2 metastatic melanoma samples (skinT and lymphT). We not only compared DEGs in metastatic melanoma samples with normal samples (lymphT_skinN and skinT_skinN), but also compared DEGs between two metastatic melanoma types (lymphT_skinT). SNVs were identified by using Burrows-Wheeler Aligner and Cufflinks in metastatic melanoma samples using RNA-seq. Sequence Alignment/Map tools and the ANNOVAR software were used to analyze and annotate SNVs.