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Genetics Analysis of the Biggest Cashew Tree in the World

Author(s): F.P.M. do Amaral, G.H. de Sá, L.A. Filgueiras, F.S. Santos Filho, C.J.R. Santos Soares, M.P.M. do Amaral, S.E. dos Santos Valente, A. N. Mendes

This study performed a genetic study of several canopies of Anacardium occidentale L. specimen called "Cashew King" (Cajueiro da Praia-PI, Brazil) in order to assess whether all canopies belong to the same plant. Leaves were collected from  different distant points, and preserved for analysis of DNA. The analysis was made from automated sequencing by capillary electrophoresis equipment ABI3500 Genetic Analyzer (Applied Biosystems) and alignment of nucleotide sequences generated with reference sequences deposited in GenBank. According to the analysis, it was shown that all canopies belong to the same plant. Thus, the "Cashew King" can be considered as a single specimen A. occidentale occupying an area of 8,834 m2. The length of the specimen indicates that the “Cashew King” is the largest cashew registered according to the literature and therefore should be preserved.