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Genetic Variability, Heritability and Genetic Advance in Bread Wheat

Author(s): J. Prasad, A. Dasora, D. Chauhan, D.A. Rizzardi, S. K. Bangarwa, K. Nesara

The Present investigation was carried out using 50 bread wheat genotypes at Instructional Farm, Rajasthan College of Agriculture, Udaipur during Rabi, 2019-2020 in randomized block design with three replications. Analysis of variance revealed significant difference between genotypes for all the characters studied. Sufficient variability was present in the genotypes under study for all the characters indicating sufficient genetic variability among the genotypes. Phenotypic coefficient of variation (PCV) was marginally higher than the respective genotypic coefficient of variation (GCV) for all the characters indicating thereby that there is negligible influence on the characters by the environment GCV was high for grain yield per plant, grain weight per spike, biological yield per plant, number of grains per spike and number of effective tillers per plant.