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Genetic Variability for Sprout Growth among Genotypes of Coffea canephora Led by Bending of Orthotropic Stems

Author(s): W.N. Rodrigues, T.V. Colodetti, S.V.B. Brinate, L.D. Martins and M. A. Tomaz

The multi-stem aspect of crop systems using Coffea canephora makes it necessary to correctly establish the number of orthotropic stems per plant during the crop formation. The present study was developed to study the variability of responses among improved genotypes of C. canephora to the technique of bending orthotropic stems as a mean of promoting the sprout growth, allowing producing an adequate number of vigorous sprouts that will be conducted to create the multi-stem canopies. The experiment studied 27 improved genotypes of C. canephora, following a randomized block design, with four replications and six plants per experimental plot. The results show that growth pattern and responsiveness varies among genotypes, and that parameters of biomass allocation and leafiness seems to be good describers to study of genetic variability. The observed variability was enough to cluster the genotypes regarding their response to this technique and to identify groups of genotypes with higher similarity and homogeneous behavior. It is important to identify genotypes from groups of slower growth (e.g., 102, 103 and 301) or lesser emission of new sprouts (e.g., 207 and 301), since these may require additional treatments to develop the adequate number of orthotropic stems in the multi-stem architecture.