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Genetic polymorphisms of the IGF-II gene intron 8 coding region and its association with growth and carcass traits in yak

Author(s): Y.F. Zeng, X.Z. Ding, S.R. Cheng and S.J. Yu

Insulin-like growth factor II (IGF-II) plays a key role in mammalian growth and is involved in stimulating fetal cell division, differentiation, and metabolic regulation. IGF-II is considered a candidate gene for genetic markers of growth and carcass traits. Therefore, in this study, the associations of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in the IGF-II gene region with growth and carcass characteristics in five yak breeds were investigated. Two SNPs, G330C and A358G, were identified by sequencing intron 8 of the IGF-II gene in homozygotes. Two alleles, A and B, and three genotypes, AA, AB, and BB, were identified by polymerase chain reaction. Genotypic frequencies of IGF-II allele B were 0.8623, 0.8936, 0.8535, 0.8676, and 0.8300 for Datong yak, Gannan yak, Tianzhu white yak, Qinghai Plateau yak, and Xinjiang yak, respectively. Allele and the genotype of IGF-II were strongly associated with growth and carcass traits