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Genetic polymorphisms of LPL and HL and their association with the performance of Chinese sturgeons fed a formulated diet

Author(s): Y. He1*, D. Shen1*, X.F. Liang1, R.H. Lu1 and H. Xiao2

It is very important to investigate the reasons for the large individual differences in individual performance of food acceptance when using formulated diets for the successful culture of larvae and juveniles of the Chinese sturgeon Acipenser sinensis. Genetic differences of the mitochondrial control region were investigated by direct sequencing in two groups of Chinese sturgeon, which were apt to accept or refuse formulated diets. Among 968-bp sequences, 111 variable sites were identified. One variable site showed close association with the individual performance of specimens fed with formulated diets. The commercial diet for Chinese sturgeons usually contains high levels of lipids. Lipoprotein lipase (LPL) and hepatic lipase (HL) are two members of the lipase gene family, which are essential for the utilization of dietary lipid.