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Genetic diversity in natural populations of Theobroma subincanum Mart. in the Brazilian Amazon

Author(s): L.H. Rivas1, L.D. Giustina1, L.N. Luz2, I.V. Karsburg1, T.N.S. Pereira2 and A.A.B. Rossi1

The genus Theobroma, recently reclassified in the family Malvaceae, comprises some species with high economic potential, including the cupuí, Theobroma subincanum Mart., which has not yet been domesticated, and whose genetics and population structure are mostly unknown. This study aimed to assess the population structure and genetic diversity in natural populations of T. subincanum Mart., using inter-simple sequence repeat (ISSR) markers. A total of 59 individuals were sampled in three geographically separate populations, CFA, CMN, and CPT.