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Genetic divergence among accessions of melon from traditional agriculture of the Brazilian Northeast

Author(s): F.A.S. Aragão, J. Torres Filho, G.H.S. Nunes, M.A. Queiróz, P.N. Bordallo, G.S.C. Buso, M.A. Ferreira, Z.P. Costa and F. Bezerra Neto

The genetic divergence of 38 melon accessions from traditional agriculture of the Brazilian Northeast and three commercial hybrids were evaluated using fruit descriptors and microsatellite markers. The melon germplasm belongs to the botanic varieties cantalupensis (19), momordica (7), conomon (4), and inodorus (3), and to eight genotypes that were identified only at the species level. The fruit descriptors evaluated were: number of fruits per plant (NPF), fruit mass (FM; kg), fruit longitudinal diameter (LD; cm), fruit transversal diameter (TD; cm), shape index based on the LD/TD ratio, flesh pulp thickness, cavity thickness (CT; cm), firmness fruit pulp (N), and soluble solids (SS; °Brix).