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Genetic control and combining ability of agronomic attributes and northern leaf blight-related attributes in popcorn

Author(s): J.S. Santos, A.T. Amaral Júnior, M. Vivas, G.S. Mafra, G.F. Pena,F.H.L. Silva and A.G. Guimarães

The present study was conducted to investigate the genetic control and to estimate the general and specific combining abilities of popcorn for agronomic attributes and attributes related to resistance to northern leaf blight (NLB). The 56 hybrids (F1 and reciprocals), together with the eight parent lines and six controls, were evaluated in two harvests, in a randomized-block design with four replications. Dominance components were more expressive than the additive components for grain yield and expression of resistance, and hybridization was the most suitable option for obtaining resistant and productive genotypes. For grain yield, popping expansion, and resistance to NLB, there was no significance for reciprocal effects, which indicates that the direction in which the cross is performed does not interfere with the hybrid’s performance. Then, the superior hybrids recommended for more profitable growth were P8 x L61, L61 x L76, and L61 x L77.