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Genetic composition of a Brazilian population: the footprint of the Gold Cycle

Author(s): E.M. Queiroz1, A.M. Santos2, I.M. Castro2, G.L.L. Machado-Coelho3, A.P.C. Cândido4, T.M. Leite5, R.W. Pereira5 and R.N. Freitas1

Ancestry-informative markers (AIMs) are powerful tools for inferring the genetic composition of admixed populations. In this study, we determined the genetic ancestry of the Ouro Preto (Brazil) population and evaluated the association between ancestry and self-reported skin color. The genetic ancestry of 189 children and adolescents was estimated by genotyping 15 AIMs. The estimate of population admixture was determined using the Bayesian Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) method implemented in two different programs (STRUCTURE and ADMIXMAP). Volunteers self-reported their skin colors.