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Genetic and phenotypic parameters of carcass and organ traits of broiler chickens

Author(s): G.C. Venturini1, V.A.R. Cruz1, J.O. Rosa1, F. Baldi1, L. El Faro3, M.C. Ledur2, J.O. Peixoto2 and D.P. Munari1

The objective of this study was to estimate the genetic and environmental parameters for carcass, carcass part, and organ weights in a paternal strain of broiler chickens that was selected mainly for body weight at 42 days of age (BW42) to provide support for poultry genetic improvement programs. A total of 1448 chickens were used that resulted from the expansion of a pure paternal strain named TT, which was developed by Embrapa Suínos e Aves. The following weights were evaluated: BW42, chilled carcass, wing, drumstick meat, thigh meat, breast meat, breast fillet, back, liver, heart (HRT), and gizzard (GIZ). The variance component was estimated by the restricted maximum likelihood method using a multi-trait animal model.