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Further evidence for the contribution of the BRCA1-interacting protein-terminal helicase 1 (BRIP1) gene in breast cancer susceptibility

Author(s): L.P. Ren, Y.S. Xian, D.M. Diao, Y. Chen, Q. Guo and C.X. Dang

BRCA1-interacting protein C-terminal helicase 1 (BRIP1) is a DNA helicase that influences the DNA repair ability and tumor suppressor function of BRCA1. Truncating BRIP1 mutations have been described as cancer susceptibility alleles. To evaluate BRIP1 polymorphisms as risk factors for breast cancer, we performed a detailed analysis of possible single nucleotide polymorphisms (rs2048718, rs4988344, rs8077088, rs6504074, rs4986764, rs4986763, rs11079454, rs7213430, rs34289250, rs4988345, and rs12937080) using the MassARRAY system.