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Expression of 1alpha-HYD and 24-HYD in bovine kidney mediated by vitamin D3 supplementation

Author(s): L.R. Rezende, E.F. Delgado, A.R.L. Júnior, G. Gasparin, E.C. Jorge, G.B. Mourão and L.L. Coutinho

order to better understand vitamin D3 in cattle metabolism, we quantified 1alpha-HYD and 24-HYD gene expression. In the kidneys of 35 male Nellore cattle, these were divided into a control group and two treatment groups (2 x 106 international units of vitamin D3 administered for 2 or 8 consecutive days pre-slaughter). Vitamin D3 supplementation resulted in a significant increase in 1alpha-HYD gene expression; however, significantly increased 24-HYD gene expression was only detected in cattle that had 8 days of supplementation. The finding of upregulation of 24-HYD due to vitamin D supplementation is in line with the expected rise in 24,25-di-hydroxy-vitamin D3 synthesis observed when plasma vitamin D3 concentrations are high, stimulating excretion by the organism. On the other hand, upregulation of 1alpha-HYD was unexpected, since vitamin D3 supplementation has been reported to impact these two genes in opposite directions. We conclude that vitamin D3 metabolism in these animals is more complex than previously reported.