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Expression analysis of tocopherol key genes during seed development

Author(s): A. Jai-uean, P. Sangin

Cleome viscosa (Cv) Linn is an annual oilseed crop plant that has high vitamin E, with the most active form represented as the tocopherols (α, β, γ and δ). These act as antioxidants in plants and are also essential components for human health. The gene expression profiles and partial-length cDNA encoding tocopherol cyclase (CvVTE1), homogentisic acid prenyltransferase (CvVTE2), MPBQ methyl-transferase (CvVTE3), gammatocopherol methyltransferase (CvVTE4), hydroxyphenyl-pyruvate dioxygenase (CvHPPD) and homogentisate solanesyltransferase(CvHST) genes involved with tocopherol biosynthetic enzymes were determined. Partial cDNA sequences of six genes as 694 bp CvVTE1, 375 bp CvVET2, 387 bp CvVTE3, 402 bp CvVET4, 334 bp CvHPPD and 461 bp CvHST showed high identity to their homologs in other higher plants. Expression levels of CvVET1, CvVET2, CvVET3, CvVET4, CvHPPD and CvHST genes were analyzed by real-time quantitative PCR (qPCR) in 3 degrees of plant nodes (L1-L3) in leaves and 1-4 weeks after fruit set (WAF) of seeds.