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Effects of rehabilitation management on gastric emptying function in older adults with diabetes

Author(s): Z.M. Shao1*, J.F. Yao2*, J. Chen2*, Z.W. Yu3, X.F. Yu2, J.J. Zheng3, X. Tang4

The relationship between gastric emptying dysfunction and blood glucose concentration in elderly with type 2 diabetes mellitus was investigated, and the effect of rehabilitation exercise prescription training on gastric emptying in the geriatric diabetic patients was evaluated. A total of 160 older type 2 diabetic adults and 30 cases of non-diabetic patients were studied with regard to the gastric half emptying time (GET1/2) of solid meals radiolabelled with 99mTc. Eighty delayed gastric emptying diabetic patients were randomly divided into 4 four groups: rehabilitation exercise + mosapride group (N = 20), rehabilitation exercise group (N = 20), mosapride group (N = 20), and control group (N = 20). The level of blood glucose was measured every six months in a two-year follow-up.