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Deposition rule of yolk cholesterol in two different breeds of laying hens

Author(s): P.K. Yang*, Y.D. Tian*, G.R. Sun, R.R. Jiang, R.L. Han and X.T. Kang

The objective of this study was to investigate the deposition rule of yolk cholesterol in Lushi Green-shelled and Silky Fowl layers. A total of 90 layers of each breed were selected at an age of 15 to 51 weeks. Productive performance was recorded on a weekly basis, whereas yolk cholesterol was determined at 4-week intervals from 21 to 51 weeks of age. The average yolk cholesterol content of Silky Fowl layers during the laying period was higher than that of Lushi Green-shelled layers (58.16 and 49.67%, P > 0.05). Yolk cholesterol content decreased at 21 to 31 weeks of the laying period, whereas a non-significant increasing trend was observed during 31 to 51 weeks of laying period. In conclusion, yolk cholesterol content is not only dependent on the age of hen but also the breed of layers.