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Curative effect and safety of intrathecal transplantation of neural stem cells for the treatment of cerebral hemorrhage

Author(s): Y.Z. Xue, X.X. Li, L. Li, S.L. Pang, J.G. Yao and P.L. Hao

In this study, we aimed to explore the curative effect and safety of neural stem cell intrathecal transplantation for the treatment of cerebral hemorrhage. We transplanted 4.0 x 108 neural stem cells per procedure into the subarachnoid space by lumbar puncture 7 days after cerebral hemorrhage, twice a week, a total of 4 times. NIHSS scores and brain CT scans were conducted to assess neural functions and the volume of perihematoma lesions in patients on days 1, 7, 14, 21, and 28. We found that the NIHSS scores and the volume of the perihematoma lesions were significantly reduced after day 14. The differences before and after treatment were highly significant in intra- and between-group comparisons (P < 0.05). There were no adverse reactions, except for transient fever and shivering in a few patients. Our data suggest that the use of neural stem cells in intrathecal transplantation for the treatment of cerebral hemorrhage is safe and effective.